Which Type of Shower Room Should I Choose For My Bathroom?

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Which Type of Shower Room Should I Choose For My Bathroom?

Jul. 30, 2021

Learn about several shower rooms that can add style, personality and practicality to bathroom decoration.

The shower room is a powerful element because it separates the wet area from the dry area and also determines the overall appearance of the bathroom. When choosing the type of shower room, factors such as the size and shape of the bathroom and the location of the windows should be considered. If you plan to renovate your bathroom, there are several shower rooms to choose from. As a Shower Enclosure Manufacturer, share with you.


Frameless glass shower room

The frameless glass shower room is most popular in compact and spacious bathrooms because it can provide unobstructed views and long lines of sight in the bathroom. For frameless shower rooms, you can choose hinged doors, sliding doors or bi-folding doors. These are manufactured and customized according to the exact dimensions of the bathroom.


Frame shower room

In the shower room with frame, glass is inserted into the brass, aluminum or chrome finishes to give the shower room a paneled or grid-like appearance. The different types of glass used in shower rooms include different thicknesses of tempered glass, frosted glass, etched glass, textured glass or colored laminated glass.

The size and shape of the bathroom will affect the glass enclosure you choose. Photo Credit: Olga Prava/Getty Images


Fixed glass partition

A fixed glass partition can be introduced to cover a small part of the shower area to prevent water from splashing out. Fixed glass should be installed near the wall with bathroom fixtures.

Double Sliding Shower Enclosure


Double Sliding Shower Enclosure

Prefabricated shower room

The prefabricated acrylic shower room is practical, space-saving, ergonomic, stylish, and has a variety of options. Prefabricated shower rooms are equipped with pre-installed faucets, overhead showers, towel rails, etc., while premium shower rooms may include other luxurious features such as rain shower heads, built-in seats and steam jets. The best part of a prefab shower room is that it is easy to install, waterproof, and offers different price ranges to suit your budget.


Solid shower room

Use solid brick walls to create a private and comfortable shower area with wall tiles. People can choose to enter the shower room without a door opening or use a glass door to enter the shower area.


Tile and glass enclosure

Combining glass inserts in solid tile walls is a great way to create a beautiful shower room, and it can also bring plenty of natural light.


Glass brick shell

To create a shower room in a spacious bathroom, use glass tiles of different colors and textures. It is recommended to use glass tiles to create a half-open or half-height shower room, so that the space does not feel claustrophobic.


Open shower

Separate the wet area from the dry area in the bathroom with a tiled wall, thereby creating an open shower area.

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