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How to Choose a Shower Room or a Bathtub?

May. 31, 2021

When decorating the bathroom, most families will want to separate wet and dry. The wide range of sanitary products makes it difficult for us to purchase. Some use bathtubs as wet areas, and some design shower rooms as wet areas. But, which design is more suitable for our daily use? Today, Glass Shower Enclosures Wholesale will discuss with you from different angles.

Double Sliding Shower Enclosure

Double Sliding Shower Enclosure

Floor area: Generally speaking, the bathtub occupies a larger area than the shower room. If the bathroom in the home is relatively small, it is better to install a shower room, which can save space and effectively separate wet and dry. If the bathroom area is large enough, you can consider installing the shower room and bathtub together to meet the multiple needs of the owner.

Water consumption: Under normal circumstances, the water consumption of the bathtub is larger than that of the shower room, and the waiting time is also longer. If there are many family members, the time cost and water consumption of using the bathtub are very distressing.

Cleanliness: The bathtub needs to be cleaned before and after use, and the amount of cleaning is relatively large. If it is not cleaned, it will also affect the health of the family. The shower room is more hygienic than the bathtub, and it is less difficult to clean. The shower in the shower room is also the best cleaning tool. Therefore, if you don't like tossing, deeply lazy cancer patients, you should install the shower room obediently. After all, the bathtub is in direct contact with the human body and needs to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. If you are too lazy to clean up, it may become an idle space at home.

Safety: In terms of safety in the shower room and bathtub, using the bathtub will inevitably lead to the possibility of slipping in the bathtub. If you buy an unqualified shower room product, the glass may burst and cause personal injury safety hazards. Therefore, consumers must not be careless about their choice in the shower room!

The bathroom is a space we must use every day, and we can't carelessly fill it. We should treat all kinds of sanitary ware carefully and choose good sanitary ware to facilitate our lives in the future and make our lives easier.

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