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2 Trends of Shower Doors in 2021

Apr. 06, 2021

2 shower door trends in 2021

In the past few years, the bathroom has been constantly changing. From the initial price-based design to the design-based positioning, the price has ranked second. The shower curtain on the bathtub is popular with people because of its low price and wide range of adaptability, especially small houses and apartments. Nowadays, glass shower doors that are more expensive than shower curtains have been born. The point is that more and more novel designs are practical, clean, space-saving and convenient. Let's take a look at some of the most popular shower doors and bathtub shower doors.

DS06 Semi-framed double sliding tub shower door

The double sliding glass shower door with all-aluminum frame and semi-frame door design is favored by consumers for its sturdy structure, especially for bathtubs. No matter from the left or the right, you can go in and out freely, without any sense of restraint. The 5/16" glass lowers the price, which is especially suitable for commercial projects and apartment bathroom construction.

2 Trends of Shower Doors in 2021

W01 New York and W02 Manhattan style walk in shower screens

The walk-in shower screen was once a popular representative in Europe. Nowadays, with the prevalence of European simplicity, house owners in the United States, Australia, etc. are gradually leaning toward walk-in shower screens. The style transitions from simple transparent glass to lattice style.

2 Trends of Shower Doors in 2021

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